The Dawn of a New Day

The Dawn of a New Day

It all began in Mid-May of 2014.  I arrived home from a wonderful vacation to find a letter.  That letter opened up a Pandora’s Box of problems and consequences.  I remember just as clearly the day I “lost it”.  It was the end of June.  The previous six weeks had been a roller coaster as wave after wave of emotions swamped my life.

I was doing what I usually do on a Friday morning and checking my bank account.  I couldn’t log in.  I tried again and again and was now locked out.  They locked me out!  They took my money!  (projecting, projecting). The frustrations had finally reached a boiling point and I began to cry and yell.  My boyfriend came in to my office.  He has been getting ready to leave on a weekend trip with his son – a father/son birthday trip.  He asked what was wrong and I just couldn’t even make rational sense.  He stood there helpless as I ranted and raved like a crazy lady!  I collected myself enough to get in to my account, find out everything was okay and send him off on his trip.

I don’t know how I got through work that day.  My mind was definitely not on the job.  When I got home I began cleaning and planning and plotting.  (That was the day I spent hours searching for communes on the Internet!)  I cleaned myself into exhaustion and fell into a fitful sleep.

The next morning when I woke up I took my coffee out onto our back porch.  And there is was – the first sunflower!  It was big and bright and beautiful!  I grabbed my phone, snapped a picture and sent it to my boyfriends phone.



That is when it hit me!  There was still joy and beauty and hope and love.  I could not, would not let this situation overtake my life and steal my joy. At that moment I made a vow that every single day I would find at least ONE thing that was positive.  Even on my worst day – and there were plenty more to come – I would look for something good, something positive, something uplifting, something happy!  Maybe it would turn my life around.

I could keep it up for a few days but then something would happen and I would fall off track.  I decided that the only way I could sustain it was to write it down!  I didn’t want to get into journaling because I tended to go to the dark side.  But I was great at making lists! And a list would be easy to review and recall.  Making a list wouldn’t take any time at all!

And so The One Little Thing Project was born.




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