“Feelings, nothing more than feelings
Trying to forget my feelings…”

First let me apologize if you have that song running through your head!  But I do want to talk about feelings.  I will never tell anyone “you shouldn’t feel that way” and I ask you never to say it to yourself

I heard it for more than 25 years.  I was nervous about a job interview.  “You shouldn’t feel that way”.  I was afraid every time I had to take a test in college.  “You shouldn’t feel that way.”  I was angry when someone betrayed me.  “You shouldn’t feel that way”.

Now to give this person their due, they thought they were helping.  They thought they were being supportive and encouraging.  What they didn’t know was that it only made me feel worse!  Now, not only were my feelings stupid but I was stupid for feeling that way.  Just great for the old self-esteem meter!

The One Little Thing Project is not about dismissing your feelings, or stuffing them down somewhere deep inside.  Own them.  It is okay to be sad or angry or hurt or afraid. It is about not letting those negative feeling overwhelm you and dominate your life.



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