Why you need to write it down

Why you need to write it down


One of the “rules” of The One Little Thing Project is that you write down at least one positive thing every day.  Why write things down?  The actual process of writing things down is beneficial in many ways.

  • Writing something down allows you to retrieve the information and review it. You have a permanent record of good things! Remember that part of the project is to review your list regularly to keep your focus on the good things in life.
  • Did you know that writing something down actually helps the information get stored in your long term memory? The fancy word is “encoding”.  I just think it is rather neat that a simple thing like writing something down can result in a brain full of happy thoughts!
  • Writing shows that you are serious. It is hard to deny or ignore something in writing.
  • The process of writing involves focus.  When you are writing down your One Little Thing, it is hard to focus on anything but good things!

So don’t cheat on this part of the Project!  Grab your pen and write down today’s good things!


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