Building Contentment – one little thing at a time

Building Contentment – one little thing at a time

“And God saw that it was good” Genesis 1:10

Most of us are familiar with the Judeo-Christian creation story. Did you realize that this sentence is repeated six times in the first chapter of Genesis? I think there is a great deal to be learned from these seven little words.

After each act of creation, God stopped and looked and “saw that it was good”.  How about you? Are you so busy rushing from task to task that you never even bother to see what you have accomplished and declare it “good”?  Do you take the time to give yourself credit for a job well done?

Silly as it sounds, I have always gotten a measure of satisfaction of seeing neatly folded piles of clean laundry, a freshly mowed lawn, or a clean sink (we use a lot of dishes!). Every time I walk in my kitchen, I smile because I’m still proud of the DIY remodel we did 2 years ago. After a workout, I take a moment to reflect on how amazing my muscles feel and how hard I worked. Before I take the first bite of my meal, I drink in the joy of preparing a tasty dish for the people I love. As I hang up the phone, I take pleasure in helping a client and making their day a little easier. In these little moments of stepping back and taking satisfaction in even the smallest thing – declaring it “good”  – that I build contentment into my days.

So before you rush on to the next item on your to-to list, take a moment, see what you have done and declare “it is good”.

it was good


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