Awaken Your Senses

Awaken Your Senses



One of my greatest pleasures in life is riding our motorcycle. We take most of our vacations on the bike and frequently take day trips – sometimes with no destination in mind. I love riding because it awakens my senses. So much of my day is spent in a closed in space – my car, office, my house, the mall.

As we ride, every one of my senses is engaged. I can smell the pines, the lilacs and honeysuckles, the freshly plowed field or the ocean. I can almost taste the air! I can smell the hot asphalt and feel the heat radiating off it up towards my face. I can feel the coolness of the air in the shade and the warmth of the sun when the trees give way to a cloudless sky.  I can feel the pinpricks of the raindrops. With my view unobstructed by a windshield, I can see the full expanse of mountains, flat lands or water around me. I hear the wind rushing by. With my other senses awakened, even my sense of taste is heightened. Cool water quenches my dry mouth and lips. Pickles are more sour, burgers are juicier, lettuce crisper, cheese smoother and ice cream creamier.

With my senses awakened, I feel alive. I drink it all in. My brain is active processing all these inputs and there is no room for negative thoughts, worry or despair. There is freedom in just being with my surroundings. It is glorious!

Each day you have hundreds of little opportunities to awaken your own senses.  Smell the aroma of your first cup of coffee.  Feel the air as you walk to you car when leaving for work.  Listen for the song of the birds or the chatter of children at the bus stop.  Take a break for lunch and taste your food – really taste it – sweetness, saltiness, crispness.  Take an evening walk and scan your environment taking note of gardens, architecture and colors. Smell the aromas of the spices as you cook dinner.  Feel the softness of your pet’s fur or your baby’s hair.  Feel the cool crisp sheets against your skin as you crawl into bed. Drink it all in and let them saturate your being.

How has awakening your senses improved your outlook on life?



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