When You Love Someone

When You Love Someone

Think about someone you love.  Maybe a spouse or partner, a child, a sibling.

Are you smiling?

Think about what all the things you do for that person.  How do you care for that person?  How do you show your love for that person?  How do you feel when you do things for that person?

Think about how you describe that person to others.  Think about how you talk to that person.  What words do  you use?  What tone of voice do you use?




Now repeat the process but instead of “that person” insert “yourself”.  Are your answers the same?

Do you call your loved one “stupid” or “fat” or “ugly” or “worthless”?  Do you berate them for mistakes?  When you correct them, do you do it harshly?  How about forgiveness?  Encouragement?  Support?  Do you give these things to others but not yourself?

Do you care for yourself?  Make time for yourself?  Do you feel good when your do things for yourself or do you feel guilty?

I’m not talking about conceitedness – thinking you are better than everyone else.  I’m talking about loving yourself enough to care for your own needs, value your own worth, and correct yourself with kindness.

Do you love yourself?



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