I use OhLife to record my One Little Thing entries.  I found this little gem while looking for online journaling software.  It is a perfect place to record my happy things.

Signing up is simple.  Go to the website and enter your email.  You will then be asked to set a password.

ohlife screen shot

One of the very nice feature of OhLife is that they will send you an email each day to remind you to write.  You can set the time for the email, and the frequency (you will want a daily reminder). They will even include a random entry from another day if you choose. Writing an entry is a simple as replying to the email!

The email includes a Past entries list which when you click on it will show you that entry. You can edit your entry by replying to the email again or, once it is posted, using the edit button.  (see screen shot)


ohlife screen shot2


You can also write your entries by going to this page.

ohlife screen shot write


One of my favorite features is the ability to add a photo – either as an attachment to the email or by adding a photo in edit or write mode. Since one of my hobbies is photography, this is a feature I use frequently.

One thing you won’t find is a link to any social network and your entries aren’t searchable by any search engine.  I absolutely love this – totally private.

While OhLife might not have all the bells and whistles of other diary or note taking applications, that is part of it’s charm. Since I use it only for the One Little Thing Project, I don’t get distracted by my to-do list or notes that I keep in Evernote. Simple to use, easy to review your previous entries and the ability to add pictures make it one of the things that make me happy.




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