Purpose, Passion and Pressure

Purpose, Passion and Pressure

What is the my life’s purpose?  The question has haunted me for decades!  In trying to find my purpose, I’m advised to find my passion.  The”experts” advise you to write down the things you like to do and you will discover your passion.

Problem is I have a lot of passions. Well actually I have a lot of interests and they vary over time. Sometimes I’m really into something and I study and research and try it out with gusto. When I’ve had enough, I move on to something else. The old thing is still part of my life but not as fully. I may come back to it later. I may not. Sometimes in my trying something out more fully, I find out it is not for me.

I admire people who know that they were “born” to do something – teach, be a caregiver, or be a chef, a police officer. I just never had that feeling. And of course then I would wonder what was wrong with me. Pressure, Pressure Pressure. Failure. Failure. Failure.

The other day I was checking out my Facebook feed and I came across a little blurb from Oprah’s “The Life You Want Weekend”. The headline was “Elizabeth Gilbert Shares Her ‘Really Weird’ Advice About Following Your Passion”. That caught my eye right away. Eat, Pray Love is one of my favorite movies – I’ll watch anything with Julia Roberts or Sandra Bullock. Also I was intrigued by the “really weird” part.

What she said was so liberating! Gilbert says if you don’t have a passion it is okay! “Sometimes it feels cruel and all it does is make you feel even worse and more left out, because you’re like, ‘I would if I knew what it was!'” Gilbert says. “If you’re in that position right now… forget about passion.” Stress goes down a notch or two right away.

What she advised is “follow your curiosity”. “Follow it,” she says. “It might lead you to your passion or it might not. You might get nothing out of it at all except a beautiful, long life where all you did was follow your gorgeous curiosity. And that should be enough too.” I can live with that! So no more hunting for “my purpose”. I will let curiosity be my guide from now on.

You can see the video here.





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