Fantasy lifeball

Fantasy lifeball

Football season has started and with it come office pools and fantasy football teams. Fantasy football is where players create a “dream team” and then are awarded points based on the players actual performance in real games.  It is the new hot thing in our office. I often have to hunt someone down because they are not at their desk. Instead, they are talking fantasy football. (recent studies show that fantasy football costs $13.4 billion – yes billion with a B – a year in lost productivity)

I too have my own dream team – the dream house, career and relationship. We all do. The danger is not in having dreams. The danger is in the dreams preventing me from appreciating and putting effort into what I do have.  Am I taking steps to make my dreams come true?  Yes, I’m working on getting out of debt and taking classes and being a good team mate in my relationship.

Don’t get so caught up in fantasy life-ball that you waste time pining rather than actually taking steps to make your dreams come true!



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