Get a move on

Get a move on

I began my fitness quest after a trip to Turkey in 2009.  Some of our tour group members missed out on seeing some of the sites because of physical limitations.  On that day, I vowed that I didn’t want to miss out on any opportunity due to being unfit.

I make it a regular habit to go to the gym three days a week.  It is an important part of maintaining my physical health.  I’m not a “beast” or even that thin anymore, but I know the value of moving to maintain my strength, flexibility and cardio health.

When I’m feeling blue, I tend to hide.  One of the first things I do is skip my gym nights. BAD IDEA!  Because exercise in not only good for your physical well-being, it is also good for your psychological well-being.

Exercise releases endorphins – the feel good neurotransmitter.  After a workout, I am energized and feeling more positive.

Exercise is a great stress reliever and relieves tension both physically and mentally.  I am pleasantly relaxed.

Exercise is a great confidence booster.  When you can lift more weight, walk, run or bike a little farther or touch your toes, there is a great sense of personal accomplishment. (more than once a new milestone at the gym makes it onto my one little thing list)

Exercise helps you sleep better.  A good workout and a hot shower and I’m set for a good night’s sleep.  I wake up fully rested and ready to start the next day!

Exercise may enhance memory, protect your brain against deterioration and boost your immune system.  Who doesn’t want a better brain?

It doesn’t take much – even 30 minutes three times a week can provide benefits.

So lace up those sneakers and get a move on!  For some more fitness inspiration, visit my fitness board on Pinterest.




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