Fuel your happiness

Fuel your happiness

Do me a favor.  Open up your fridge.  Now open up your pantry.  What is in there?  Do you see fresh fruits and vegetables?  High quality meats?  Or do you see boxes of processed “foods” and frozen dinners.

What you eat can and does effect your mood, your health and I would argue, your happiness.  Food is fuel – fuel for your body and your brain!  When you fill it with junk – highly processed foods, added sugar, chemical preservatives and artificial this and that, you will feel like junk.  These things cause inflammation in your body and recent research suggests that chronic inflammation plays a role in many chronic diseases, obesity and even depression.

Eating well is a gift you can give yourself and your family.  A few simple changes can make a world of difference.

Cook from scratch.  It is not that difficult and can be an enjoyable family experience.  Even when I was living alone, I cooked for myself.

Shop the outer ring of the grocery store.  Frozen veggies are okay but stay away from the boxes.  The prepared food isle should be a wasteland!

Eat breakfast – it only takes a few minutes each morning to scramble an egg or dish out a bowl of Greek yogurt topped with fruit

Be adventurous – try new foods and cooking methods. I’ve become a big fan of roasted vegetables.

Don’t force yourself to eat foods you don’t like – I know avocados are good for me but I really dislike them so I don’t eat them.  There are lots of other healthy foods I enjoy.

Try a real food or whole food challenge.

Here is one of my favorite cook from scratch recipes – better than the box – I guarantee it!

scalloped potatoes



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