Anyone care for pie?

Anyone care for pie?

Do you know someone who is a Gloomy Gus?  Or someone who is always Sally Sunshine?

Some argue that our disposition – our intrinsic happiness levels – are hereditary.  Some people are just naturally happier and others naturally sadder.  I don’t disagree that we are born with certain personality traits.  I would argue with those who say  we can’t do anything about it.

Scientist estimate that about 50% of our happiness ability is genetic.  I take that as good news!  Another 10-20 % is life circumstances and the remaining 30-40% are within our control! That is excellent news!

Our life circumstances can be changed – maybe not all of them but many of them.  You can get a new job, make new friends, have a new romance.  You can earn more money (or live simpler on what you have).  You can find new hobbies or learn more to improve your situation in life.

Likewise, you can do things that make you happier – be mindful, develop gratitude, give and be more helpful.  You can balance your life, eat better, move more, meditate, engage in creative endeavors, laugh more, play more.  You can learn to love yourself and care for yourself.  You can learn to more productive, live more simply, challenge yourself, be more adventurous, be more social, stop negative thinking, stop comparing, find meaning in little things, be curious.

So grab your fork and join me in a big slice of happiness pie!



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