15 Reasons A Hobby Can Make You Happier.

15 Reasons A Hobby Can Make You Happier.

This  past Sunday I attended a motorcycle rally and took along my camera. When I got home, I made Pasta e Fagioli for dinner. Each of these hobbies gives me a happy boost.  It is times when my life is most stressful that I need leisure activities and hobbies the most!

Hobbies add more to your life than you might think.  Often we think that we will have time for our hobbies when we retire, or the kids are older or we finish school.  But it is often at the busiest time of our lives that we need recreational activities to balance our lives.

The benefits of hobbies

  1. provide a break with a purpose
  2. give you a sense of accomplishment
  3. help you grow as a person
  4. creative hobbies have been shown to make you more productive at work
  5. physical hobbies improve your fitness level
  6. give you an opportunity to care for yourself
  7. challenge you in a healthy way
  8. relieve boredom and reduce stress
  9. can improve problem solving skills
  10. provide opportunities for social interaction
  11. distract you from stressful thoughts or negative thinking
  12. add fun and pleasure to your life
  13. help you unwind after a really rough day
  14. can give you an opportunity to help others
  15. help us enter flow states (similar to meditation)


A friend of mine went through a divorce and moved back to her home town to be near her parents and family.  Knitting has always been a creative outlet for her.  She frequented a local shop on a regular basis to buy yarn and became friends with the owner. This eventually led to a part-time job and she even began teaching classes.

Another woman I know runs a small gift shop which also sells chalk paint.  Running a small business can be trying at times. Sometimes she stays after hours to work on re-finishing a piece of furniture she picked up at an estate sale or thrift shop.  She calls it “paint therapy”.

I love these Hobby Stories!  Do you have a hobby that has greatly enhanced or improved you life?

2014 Suffolk Swamp Roar Motorcycle Rally
2014 Suffolk Swamp Roar Motorcycle Rally
pasta e fagioli
Pasta e Fagioli

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