Looking Back and Moving Forward

Looking Back and Moving Forward

The year is almost over.  Hard to believe – it seems to flow by faster as I get older.  It’s traditionally a time of reflections – best of and worst of lists abound.  And don’t forget “the year in review”.

2014 started out with sadness – death.  But there was also hope – the possibility of healing – rebuilding damaged relationships.  But in the end that was not to be.  Moving on is all I can do – learning what I can and letting go as well.  I will not dwell in loss – I will cherish what is.

The black cloud that hung over my head threatened most of the year.  One event – that one letter in the mail turned my world upside down.  But I took action to help myself – to not let it take away what was good in my life.  And so much came out of it – learning about happiness and gratitude and courage and faith and hope and letting go and moving forward.

Through all this I have learned more than anything how to build on the positive things in my life – and now I see that there are many!  I’ve learned to appreciate and be grateful. I’ve learned that I can choose happiness.  I have learned to be mindful, grateful and charitable.  I am more resilient, more at peace, more optimistic and yes happier – with a much deeper understanding what happiness really is.

I often think on that day as a watershed, a pivotal point, a fork the road.  No it was not good, but good came out of it because I chose to focus on the good.

So as I break for the holidays, I want to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very happy holiday season.  Enjoy!



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