My date with “Shredder”

My date with “Shredder”

Saturday evening, my guy and his son went to a hockey game – a father/son experience Christmas gift.  This gave me a gift too – 5 hours uninterrupted time.  I had blocked out this time to “spend at least one hour each weekend, decluttering”.  That one hour turned into a full 5 hours!

I started with my office.  I had my “files” stored in plastic bins stacked in the corner.  My current files I keep in the file drawer of my desk.  I started with the “current” files – oh not so current.  3 years of insurance policies – they renew every 6 months.  Bills from accounts at my old apartment.  Membership contracts to gyms I no longer have memberships at.  Then of course there are all the things I ripped from magazines that I’ve never looked at again – who needs that when you have Pinterest?  And recipes too.  Then all the reference material – pamphlets for doors and windows and millwork from my interior design classes.  The retired file bin was even worse – closed 401K acccount and bank account statements.  Paystubs from 2002!

So “Shredder” and I had a party!  The current files are now actually current!  The retired files fit in one small file box with room to spare!  I can actually find something if I need it!  I went through drawers and my bookshelves too and made a trip to Goodwill.

It is amazing how much stuff we hide away.  Stuff we keep because it is easier to hide it away than deal with it.  This not only applies to our physical space but our mental space as well.  The past – hidden away.  Isn’t it time to let it go?

let it go


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