My Story

I began what I called The One Little Thing Project during a very difficult period in my life.  I was facing a major problem and I had little control over most of the process.

That caused an amazing amount of stress and projecting (one of my less than helpful personality traits).  This problem touched on every one of my “hot button” issues and fed into my biggest insecurities.  The light at the end of the tunnel was surely a train and I would be “ruined”.  Running away and hiding was a serious consideration.  I remember spending a whole day on the internet researching communes!  I was stuck in a cycle of worry, anger, frustration, fear and weariness.  The  whole situation was making me miserable and making the lives of the people around me miserable too. I knew if I continued down this path that I was risking my job and my most cherished relationships.

My joy was gone – or so I thought.  It was still there but all I could see was this dark cloud.  I was too focused on the negative to even notice the positive.  So I decided to pay more attention to the good things in my life.  I promised myself that I would take notice of at least one thing every day – even one little thing that brought even a glimmer of happiness to my day.  I soon realized that I needed to record those wonderful things in order to make them stick and keep me from falling back into my negative thinking.   Not only that, I had to review them regularly to remind myself of all the wonderful things in my life.  The One Little Thing Project was born.

In just a few weeks my attitude changed.  I felt my spirit getting lighter.   My One Thing became more things as I noticed how many wonderful images, experiences and people passed through my life each day.  I had more peace and more joy.

I am not a psychologist or social worker or doctor and I’m not claiming that my method will work for everyone. Remember there is no shame in seeking professional help. I’m just a simple person who found a way out of a dark time by changing my focus.